Innovative, passionate and so-soft quality

The yarns created by Olimpias Yarns are predominately intended for knitwear, clothing and accessories, and are made from Merino wools from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, with gauge ranging from medium to extra-fine. They are all skilfully woven with natural staple fibres, such as cashmere, alpaca, and viscose, or synthetic fibres, such as polyamide and polyester.
The intense research and development that has been carried out over the years at Olimpias Yarns means that today we have yarns that produce voluminous knits that are soft, warm and particularly pleasant to the touch.
In addition to the manufacture of clothing, Olimpias Yarns has also gradually established a production line dedicated to weaving for the furnishing and contract markets. High-quality Shetland wool yarns from New Zealand with 24 to 30 micron gauge give the fabrics a warm, delicate hand and guarantee high performance in terms of durability and resistance.
A good percentage of the wool used at Olimpias Yarns is RWS certified, the most important standard when it comes to wool products. This certifies that the wool comes from farms that comply with strict criteria for animal welfare and have a low environmental impact. It also ensures that the processes along the entire production chain comply with the environmental-sustainability requirements promoted by the protocol.

Guaranteed Product Standard

The Olimpias Yarns Division has always invested in research in order to standardise its production, a difficult goal when we are talking about carded yarns, which are uneven by definition. Over time, an organised system of internal laboratories has carried out intensive product controls at every manufacturing process stage, constantly measured yarn performance, selected the best raw materials and the most effective dyeing techniques, to identify production protocols that today guarantee the creation of high-quality carded yarn that is always uniform across various production batches. Our industrial organisation, combined with our strong, qualified network of suppliers, help to ensure a safe supply service that is also able to adapt to the needs of our clients.

Inimitable Quality

You can feel the quality of Olimpias yarns with your own two hands, as the production technique that has been refined over time makes the knits particularly soft, voluminous, delicate to the touch, and warm and cosy. What makes the difference is our savoir faire. The human side of Olimpias, which in the case of our Yarns Division translates into the special relationship between man and machine that can foresee imperfections and correct them, identify margins for improvement and translate them into solutions that perfect the product. It is Italian expertise, tradition and brilliance that stands out because it is inimitable.

Circular Economy by Tradition

For Olimpias, the concept of “sustainable fashion” is not a trend. Olimpias Yarns is rooted in the textile district of Prato, which has been implementing the reuse practices that are now typical of the circular economy for 170 years. In fact, the use of recycled materials in the creation of carded yarn blends has always been a distinctive process of the Tuscan manufacturing district, experience that Olimpias Yarns has been able to preserve and enhance over time.
The environmentally-friendly leanings of Olimpias can also be seen in its Yarns Division, which plays an active role in transforming the Group’s environmental policies into concrete actions and projects for the more ethical and efficient use of resources, the reduction of pollution and the protection of the health of our employees and the end consumers.
The Olimpias Yarns Division is certified according to the Global Recycle Standard which ensures the use of a certain percentage of recycled materials in the manufacturing process, traces the entire supply chain and verifies compliance, at all stages, with the restrictions on the use of chemicals and environmental and social criteria.
Olimpias Yarns owns the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification for certain products, and has also embraced the principles of Greenpeace’s Detox campaign in favour of cleaner, healthier and more environmentally-friendly fashion.

Efficient Stock Service

Olimpias Yarns offers a stock service system that can efficiently respond to any request quickly and decisively. A wide range of quality products in many different colour options.
The flexibility of the Division conveys the outstanding organisation of the business and is such that it is able to process very large orders, while also responding to numbers tailored to clients’ needs.
Olimpias Yarns boasts a nominal capacity of more than 6.5 million kg of yarn per year, with over 20 carded lines, over 30 spinning machines and all the necessary calibrations required to produce yarns between Nm 7 and Nm 28, with Z and S twists.