Drawing from the long-standing Italian cotton production tradition, Olimpias Fabrics oversees the product manufacturing process from weaving to finishing. This is a process that is finely controlled at every stage, which is oriented towards innovation and research and increasingly focused on environmental sustainability and consumer safety.

The Quality of our Fabrics,
a Fundamental Objective

The manufacturing capacity of Olimpias Fabrics is rooted in the Italian cotton tradition and particularly that of the Veneto region. This is expertise that has evolved and been enhanced over time, giving rise to manufacturing that stands out on the global stage. Compliance with numerous quality standards and constant control of processes and products at every stage of production guarantee product quality, safety and reliability.
The propensity for continuous improvement and innovation allows Olimpias Fabrics to respond promptly to new market needs with outstandingly crafted solutions that are always high performance and greatly appealing.

For the Client and with the Client

Our ongoing research into the performance of the yarns, combined with research into the best warps, allows Olimpias Fabrics to identify new solutions to offer to its clients, both in terms of fabric performance and the effects that can be achieved on the finished garments. The methods we have developed over the years allow us to work with many threads. In one square centimetre of fabric there can be up to 80 threads, in a metre up to 20 km, to achieve a compact, high-quality product.
Olimpias Fabrics independently develops new style ideas that are able to inspire the creativity of fashion houses, whether they are targeted at the luxury, fast fashion or activewear markets, and also creates exclusive products that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Among the First to be GOTS Certified for Organic Fabrics

The Olimpias Group was one of the first companies to obtain GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - certification, the most important international standard for the sustainable production of textiles made with natural fibres from organic farming. This was a choice that was made at an early stage which demonstrates our approach to certification and continuous improvement, as well as our unique sensitivity towards environmental and ethical issues.
All Olimpias Fabrics’ dyeing and finishing processes are also OEKO-TEX® class 100 certified to guarantee process quality. The STeP certification ensures control over the company’s performance across the entire production chain in order to guarantee the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and products and the efficient use of resources, as well as compliance with safe and fair working conditions.
Lastly, Olimpias Fabrics complies with the ZDHC, the strict protocol on the use of chemicals and the containment of pollution, and is part of Greenpeace’s Detox campaign for cleaner, environmentally-sustainable fashion.

Flexibility and Reliability

Olimpias Fabrics is the largest cotton weaving company in Italy and is now one of the most important manufacturing companies in the sector in Europe. It boasts an extremely well-organised industrial production system that is both efficient and open to continuous product and process innovation.
With more than 40,000 metres of fabric processed every day, Olimpias Fabrics is able to respond to large-volume requests and meet deadlines, while guaranteeing unwavering quality.