Olimpias Group

Olimpias Group S.r.l. is an Italian leader in the supply of products and services for the textile sector. One large company on the cutting edge of the European manufacturing scene.
Created from the merger of various manufacturing companies with strong roots in the territory, today it represents the very real expression of Italian expertise thanks to the reliability, creative capacity and quality of what it offers.
Bolstered by its size and large industrial organisation, Olimpias is able to supply a wide, diversified range of products that are manufactured in its Olimpias Yarns, Olimpias Fabrics and Olimpias Labels divisions, which implement the best technologies and skills available.
Olimpias’ globally responsible approach is oriented towards the continuous search for products and processes that meet the highest environmental sustainability standards and can be seen in the development of projects to reduce pollution, reuse materials and make the most of natural resources.

Industrial structure with an artisan core

The Olimpias Group is a large structured industrial company that is dedicated to the close integration of manufacturing processes and continuous improvement, so much so that it is one of the most reliable, active and innovative partners in Europe.
Constant, ingenious and proactive industriousness typical of the craftsmanship that gave life to Olimpias, is achieved through its divisions. It breathes new life into the great cotton tradition of the Veneto, the Tuscan mastery for processing carded wool and the aesthetic sensitivity that has always distinguished Italian design.
This special blend is what gives shape to Olimpias’ added value, a unique and inimitable blend of expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities that are always in step with the times.

Quality First and Foremost

One of the objectives that the Olimpias Group pursues most is maintaining the high quality standards of its products.
This is guaranteed by the meticulous selection of the raw materials, the constant optimisation of its manufacturing processes and relationships that have been consolidated over time with a reliable and certified network of suppliers.
Wide-spread and systematic research and testing, that has always been intrinsic to every production step here at Olimpias, now make it possible to have clear processing protocols that ensure high quality, which can always be guaranteed across various production batches.
The value of Olimpias can also be found in its service: organised, delivered on time, open to listening to our clients and close to their supply chain.

Sustainable by Choice

The Olimpias Group cares about the health of the environment, which is why it has embraced the strictest sustainability policies and invests in projects that make its production increasingly environmentally friendly.
Olimpias is committed to banning the use of harmful chemicals and their release into the environment, to reducing water consumption, to increasing energy efficiency and favouring renewable sources, and to embracing the principles of the circular economy and recycling to limit waste production.
The photovoltaic system at the Ponzano Veneto headquarters of Olimpias, which has been operational since 2011, has reduced CO2 emissions by a total of 3,283 t (from 2011 to 2020). The cogeneration plants in Ponzano Veneto and Soave, on the other hand, have allowed us to reduce fossil fuel consumption, with a saving of 7,643,000 cubic metres of methane gas from 2009 to 2020.

Italian Creativity

With its divisions, the Olimpias Group is able to intercept trends and offer solutions that are always innovative and current.
The strong creative flair that distinguishes Italian savoir faire finds its tangible expression in the design of products that can quickly meet new needs, both in terms of performance, style and design.
Olimpias products embody the gamut of an Italian manufacturing tradition that has distinguished quality textile production for centuries.
With its range of products and services, Olimpias helps to bring beauty and innovation to the apparel and labelling sectors, positioning itself as a partner of excellence in the creation of luxury, premium and high-performance pieces.

That Human Touch that Makes the Difference

Here at Olimpias, people matter. It is the work of our people that makes the difference.
Their knowledge of the product and their experience, which has been passed down and cultivated over time, allow them to recognise margins for improvement, come up with solutions and tackle new challenges.
The relationship between man and machine represents a special kind of alchemy, in which passion and creative flair are crucial, while their professionalism and market knowledge are a solid, tangible point of reference for our clients.
The Olimpias Group protects the health and safety of its employees and promotes their human value, acknowledging their merits and encouraging them to develop their skills and expertise so that the energy and creativity of each and every one of them may find its fullest and most effective expression in their daily work.

Consumer Comfort and Well-being

Olimpias has always focused heavily on selecting raw materials, refining its processes and using harmless substances so that its products are safe for the end user.
As one of the first textile companies to be certified by GOTS for its organic cottons, and in keeping with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Olimpias develops products that focus on the well-being, safety and comfort of the consumer: from soft, cosy carded wools to fabrics that are comfortable against the skin, as well as more technological and high-performance solutions designed for activewear.