Wasatex Project

Progetto Wasatex


For this Olimpias has implemented the WASATEX (Water Saving Processes for Textile Production) project, unique in Europe, funded by the European Union (ECO / 13/630322).

By applying new technologies, it has been possible to recover the water used in the production cycle, to use it again in the same processes. The plant is located in Osijek (Croatia), in a group plant dedicated to the production of knitwear.

The environmental challenge, but also the productive one, has been accepted and won.

The main results for our environment:

  • Daily recovery up to 1,000,000 liters;
  • Equal to the daily needs of 7,000 people;
  • CO2 savings, calculated with the LCA method; equal to about 400 tons / year.

All this in the sweater we wear!