Eco G.R.E.En.S.

Eco G.R.E.En.S.

FW 22-23 ECO  G.R.E.EN.S.  Collection

The New Eco G.r.e.en.s. yarn collection announce what Olimpias will be in the future. Environmental sensitivity is the soul of Olimpias. We create yarns for clothing and furnishings taking care of people, health, environment and the future of our planet. Because only in this way can we always have a tomorrow to tell. In our process we reduced the consumption of non-renewable raw materials: we mainly choose those that are coming from a recycling processes with a particular view to the circular economy.

Our GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified yarns are made of at least 20% of pre- or post-consumer regenerated material and also guarantee compliance with stringent environmental criteria and compliance with social criteria relating to the rights of workers throughout the production chain according to the provisions of the GRS certification requirements.

Our RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified yarns are produced according to the standards of the Responsible Wool Standard protocol using wool coming exclusively from certified farms where animal welfare and proper land management make breeding sustainable, thus excluding any exploitation of pastures and putting animal welfare first by abolishing any cruelty to them. All RWS certified wools are also Mulesing Free.

These wools are subsequently processed in RWS accredited companies, in order to obtain complete traceability of the chemical products and processes used in the production chain from fibre to yarn; all to guarantee the eco-sustainability criteria promoted by the protocol itself.